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Ask us about our Environmental Portraits. We do Seniors, Family Private Events, Call us to discuss your needs.
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Greymane Digital and Chromashots Events Services is fully Insured for on-site liability coverage and provides Real Estate commercial photo and video services, We also provide personal events and trade show service.
Chromashots Events

Sample Photos Greenscreen Holloween Costume Party
Chromashots Events

Click To Visit The On-site Greenscreen Event Photos for TMCO 150 Mile Gran Fondo Bike Ride.
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Red-Carpet or Greenscreen On-site Studios
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We are sorry to announce that we have discontinued Drone Services. 

Want A Drone?  - We are Selling Our Bird
DJI Professional 3 Drone For Sale.
Includes extra battery - $800.00 OBO.
Always Used Professionally
Excellent Shape

This as a sample photo of the DJI Professional 3 we have for sale.
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Chromashots Events

Sample Photos From The "Red Carpet" Studiio For The Shriners Hospital International Convention
Chromashots Events

Sample Photos from The Texas Speech Therapy Convention Shoot
Chromashots Events

Houston Mayors Annual Christmas Tree Lighting - Santa Photo Booth